Fertility Clinics of Dr Loimer - We are always here for you

Our clinics in Wels and Vienna are both open 365 days a year!

We take the time to provide you with all the support you need. Intensive counselling and consultations are extremely important and form one of the key success factors. Trust us to help you. We guarantee an excellent pregnancy rate of more than 50% per attempt.
Don’t despair. Nowadays every eighth couple in Europe relies on the support of an IVF specialist to fall pregnant. We know exactly what strain you’re under.
You live outside of Austria? Then profit from a blastocyst embryo transfer to significantly increase the rate of pregnancy.
We practice high-end medicine. Through close cooperation with leading IVF centres in the USA and Spain, we are able to provide state of the art in IVF and accompanying treatments.
We organize all the details related to your treatment – from the cost estimate to suitable accommodation, as well as visa applications and shuttle services.

New as of 2015: 
Donor egg cells, IVF/ICSI with donor sperm, PGD and treatments for same-sex partners are now legal in Austria! 

We offer all of these treatments at both of our clinics with immediate effect. Contact us for a free consultation - personally, telephonically or via Skype!

We are always there for you and will stand by you every step of the way.

We speak your language

In order to be able to provide all our international patients with the best possible care, we have team members who, in addition to German, also speak English, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Polish and Portuguese. This makes all of our couples feel like they are in safe hands, as they fully understand the treatment procedures.

Trust us to help you

You’ve come to the right place. Our clinics represent the latest medical advancements in IVF as well as the perfect patient support and care. With our help, more than 12 000 couples have been able to fulfil their dream of having their own baby.
Why not use our free online consultation service – we are here for you: office[at]vivaneo.at

Happy parents


We met in 2008 and it was “love at first sight”. In 2010 we married and both really wanted to have children. It was all...


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Nicole und Thomas Hillmann thank Dr Loimer and his team for the professional and caring support, and proudly introduce...


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Hello Ivana!

Here he is. Our dream has come true! Thanks to YOU!

That’s why we would once again like to thank Dr...


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IVF fund

The fund pays 70% of the treatment and medication costs. Please note the prerequisites...

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Financial support

from German insurances. In case you need help please contact our German colleague Heidi Zaglmann, she is on hand to advise and assist patients in completing any applications or documents required by the German health insurance fund.

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High pregnancy rate

The pregnancy rate is about 50% per attempt with a blastocyst transfer on day 5.

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New as of 1 January 2015!

Donor egg cells, IVF with donor sperm, preimplantation diagnostic as well as treatments for same-sex couples are possible in our clinics!

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Virtual tour of the Fertility Clinics

Take a virtual tour of our clinics on our website.



Egg freezing

The revolution in female fertility! - Unfertilized eggs can be frozen!

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Here you will find videos about the handling of drugs and syringes as well as the treatment options

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